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An Icon for All Monsters: COMPLETE!

Hey everyone, remember me? The crazy guy who was trying to make an icon for every Monster Card in the game? Well...

...I've done it! Yup, An Icon for All Monsters is complete! Sorry I haven't been posting here, but there was some error with the bar at the top of the page, but whatever, I found a way around it. So, whether you're looking for Cyber End Dragon or Honest or Sacred Phoenix or any of those freaky-looking guys from Pharaonic Guardian or even Gate Deeg, all I can say is...

(Go get 'em!)

Now, you should note that it's only complete for a given value of "complete." I've done everything to come out in the OCG, but new stuff comes out all the time an I'm holding off on the TCG exclusives for a while. Check back every now and then for more updates!
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