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Yu-Gi-Oh Icons
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yugi_icons is a place where any icons can be posted. Any. Fanart, screengrab, manga, anything. Being a writer, I do sympathize with those out there getting their fanart "borrowed" for the use of making these icons. However, I do also feel that when you share your art on the internet, if it is used as an icon, or what have you, you put it on a domain where it can be used as such.

Love me or hate me, this community stands here for those icons that are not allowed in other communities.

I'm only going to give a few rules for this community, and really, they're not hard to follow. ^_^

Rule #1: Everyone BE NICE to each other.

Rule #2: If for some reason the original artist appears and asks for the icons to be removed, please be kind enough to do so. This community is made for fanart icons as well as others. Getting the artist's permission is always a good idea, but sometimes you stumble over some wonderful Japanese fanart and it's damn near impossible to get in contact with the said artist. So, please, if it's asked to be removed, remove it.

Rule #3: If you are posting more than 4 icons, please LJ cut them. Here's how: [lj-cut text="This is where you write the link text"]Then between the tags, put your icons, and whatever text you want to go with them.[/lj-cut] That's it, except for instead of [] use <>, and it'll work. Put a few teaser icons outside the cut on the main page, so everyone will see them, get curious, and rave about how good you are.

Rule #4: Just have some fun. I want to see some more of these beautiful icons!

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